Native Americans Exhibition | 49 Images


Pow Wow New England 


This photographic exhibition of 49 color images of Native Americans of New England almost didn't happen!

My wife, Linda, mentioned that a colleague of hers was going to the Mohegan Wigwam Pow Wow on the weekend and that it would be a great place to take photos. It sounded interesting, but my schedule was full. At the very last minute, my photo job was canceled and we leaped into the car and sped off to the Mohegan Reservation.

 As I pulled into the crowded parking lot in Uncasville, CT, I could hear the faint sound of drums and see a huge tent surrounded by men, women and children in magnificent Native American regalia. I was so excited that I almost got out of the car before it stopped. I finally calmed down, grabbed my camera and set off on a wonderful journey of imagery and discovery.

I first encountered a stately group of four Native American Elders in full regalia. I quietly asked them if I could take their photo and was greeted with great kindness and permission to snap away. 

I looked at the photos I had just taken and saw that the background behind these noble men & women was very distracting. I decided at that moment that I would “extract” all of the people in the photos from their distracting backgrounds and put them in studio setting.

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